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Tele-Neurology Clinic Reduces Time-to-Appointment by 80%

AmplifyMD Case Study Outpatient Tele-neurology reduces appointment wait times


A 96-bed hospital with an adjacent outpatient clinic needed additional Neurology support. The hospital’s two Neurologists on staff struggled to balance a heavy inpatient caseload with the demand for outpatient clinic appointments. As a result, local patients experienced months-long waits to see a Neurologist in the hospital’s outpatient clinic.


The hospital partnered with AmplifyMD for inpatient Tele-Neurology cross-coverage and launched a new Tele-Neurology clinic to expand its outpatient appointment capabilities. Our case study highlights how the outpatient clinic, staffed by a highly experienced, board-certified AmplifyMD Neurologist immediately improved timely evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment for patients in the outpatient setting.

Get Better Access and Better Outcomes.

With AmplifyMD’s revolutionary virtual care platform and our exceptional team of specialists at the ready, hospitals now have the power to deploy, manage, and scale high-quality virtual care across every care setting to improve clinical and financial outcomes – from hospital to clinic to home.

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