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Use one seamless platform
for all your virtual care needs

AmplifyMD solves specialist coverage challenges
AmplifyMD solves specialist coverage challenges

See multiple patients across multiple facilities,
efficiently and profitably

With AmplifyMD, we’ve streamlined workflows so specialists practicing remotely can manage everything from one screen. By centralizing all your virtual care delivery onto a single turnkey platform, you save money, time, and the frustrating burden of setting up and managing virtual care across multiple hospitals and telehealth systems. We’ve eliminated the technological and administrative complexities, so you can focus on practicing medicine.

AmplifyMD one login for specialist physician virtual care

We’ve streamlined:

  • Logging into several systems at once
  • Coordinating consults, learning, and documentation in different EHRs
  • Invoicing and billing multiple payers
  • Credentialing and managing privileges at multiple facilities

Our virtual care platform helps you stay focused on what’s important: patient care

AmplifyMD’s next-gen software makes virtual specialist care more efficient, so you can provide care to more patients in a way that is more sustainable and profitable.

AmplifyMD simple for specialist physicians

Simple for healthcare facilities to sign up and use

  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden costs
  • Seamlessly integrate into existing clinical workflows, software, and devices

Reduce administrative time and costs

  • Solve complex logistical, technical, and regulatory issues
  • Automate administrative tasks to remove costs from the system
  • Track and report against key clinical and financial metrics to maintain constant outperformance vs. expectation
AmplifyMD physician specialists are first-class users

Specialists are first-class users of the platform

  • Designed by doctors to streamline remote clinical workflows and remove non-clinical tasks
  • Pay fair and attractive rates that give a better return on time vs. coverage in-person or via other telehealth platforms

How we enable specialists
to deliver optimum clinical care virtually

Small, consistent, tightly knit physician panels
Strong focus on continuity of care per patient
Concierge-level care coordination services
Generous med mal coverage
Full licensing and credentialing support

We’re here to help.
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