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Providing greater access to specialty care

AmplifyMD Virtual Specialty Care

Virtual specialty care is what we do

AmplifyMD connects hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to an extensive network of telemedicine specialists practicing in 15+ essential fields, including neurology, cardiology, infectious disease, psychiatry, pulmonology, and heme/onc. Our proprietary next-gen software seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and technology, including your EHR and PACS system, so our remote providers can readily provide care where it is needed, whenever it is needed.

We make a significant impact

Virtual specialty care from AmplifyMD makes a measurable impact on patient outcomes and hospital finances.
As a result, our clients typically see up to:


of transfers


lower 30-day
readmission rate


of high complexity
cases kept


higher CMI


average patient census


of patients discharged
under mean LOS

We solve specialist staffing challenges

AmplifyMD solves specialist staffing problems with virtual specialty care
Virtual Specialty Care network

Network of telemedicine specialists

AmplifyMD immediately connects medical facilities to a large network of physicians practicing specialty telemedicine in 15+ essential categories, including neurology, cardiology, infectious disease, pulmonology, and heme/onc.

AmplifyMD virtual speciality care workflow

System of record and workflow management

Our proprietary software platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and technology. AmplifyMD reduces virtual care inefficiencies and manages encounters from scheduling through billing for both the physician and the medical facility.

AmplifyMD virtual specialty care analytics

Analytics and optimization

We track and analyze our patient outcomes to move the conversation from transactions to value created.

We improve hospital performance

When hospitals partner with AmplifyMD for tele-specialty services, they see improved performance across a host of STAR quality metrics:

  • Mortality
  • Safety of care
  • Readmission
  • Patient experience
  • Effectiveness of care
  • Timeliness of care
  • Efficient use of medical imaging
AmplifyMD virtual specialty care improves quality metrics.

AmplifyMD can make a difference for you

specialist telemedicine for hospitals

Hospitals and other medical facilities

Keep more patients in-house with integrated virtual specialty medicine so you can increase throughput, offer more services locally, reduce physician burnout, and achieve better clinical and financial outcomes.

AmplifyMD helps Specialists practice medicine virtually


Seamlessly care for your patients across facilities, including those you could not otherwise reach. Our virtual care platform reduces administrative and technical barriers, so you can focus on efficient, profitable telemedicine on your chosen schedule.

Specialist telemedicine lowers the cost of care


Our network of virtual specialist providers can improve specialist access for your members, lowering the overall cost of care from inpatient stays through outpatient follow-ups.

Our clients

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