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Providing greater access to specialty care.

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The challenge

Access to specialist expertise continues to be a seemingly insurmountable challenge for healthcare facilities outside of urban and academic medical centers. Unnecessary costs, inefficient workflows, and lack of accessible resources are creating disparities in care, and adding pressure on community hospitals already contending with a multitude of challenges.

  • Hospitals

    with a critical specialist shortage in 3 or more specialties

  • Unnecessary transfers

    caused by lack of specialist expertise annually

  • Annual revenue

    lost by hospitals because of these unnecessary transfers

How we solve it

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    Network of specialists

    AmplifyMD immediately connects medical facilities to a large network of physicians in all of the most essential specialties, including Neurology, Cardiology, Infectious Disease, Pulmonology and Heme/Onc.

  • Icon of a clipboard

    System of record and workflow management

    Our proprietary software platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and technology, pulling out the inefficiencies in delivering remote care and managing the encounter from scheduling to billing for both the physician and the medical facility.

  • Icon of a line chart

    Analytics and optimization

    We track and analyze our patient outcomes to move the conversation from transactions to value created.

Our impact

AmplifyMD is making a significant measurable impact on both patient outcomes and hospital finances. Our clients typically see up to…

  • of transfers averted

    when our physicians are consulted

  • Lower 30-day
    readmission rate

    for our patients vs. hospital overall

  • of high complexity cases

    able to be kept and treated on site under our supervision

  • Higher CMI

    for our patients vs. the hospital average

  • Avg. patient census touched

    by our physicians

  • of patients discharged
    under mean LOS

    after our physicians are consulted

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“Our med staff appreciates how timely, fast, and responsive AmplifyMD physicians are, and how good their documentation and communication on patient care is. Their availability and timeliness help improve our throughput.”

Dr. Christopher Edwards, CMO, Piedmont Columbus Regional (Midtown & Northside Hospitals)

~3 hrs

Average response time from consult request to patient seen by our physician

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“AmplifyMD has helped us keep more patients, diagnose and discharge them faster, and avoid unnecessary tests and treatments. Plus, the doctors have become trusted and valued members of our community.”

Dr. Gretchen Nickell, CMO, East Liverpool City Hospital


New patients seen per month since start of services

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

“AmplifyMD fills critical specialty coverage gaps, providing our hospitalists with timely specialty consultations and enhancing the care we provide. Our inpatient and outpatient medical staff value the additional resources.”

Lance Segawa, CEO, Kauai Veteran’s Memorial Hospital


Additional specialty services now offered on site that were previously unavailable

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“Since we partnered with AmplifyMD, we’ve seen significant drops in transfers and readmissions. Our patients receive better care and are delighted that they do not have to be transferred for specialty consults.”

Vince Sica, CEO, DeSoto Memorial Hospital


Reduction in readmission rates from hospital average

HendryRegional Medical Center Logo

“With the specialty access AmplifyMD provides, we can consistently and confidently treat even our most complex patients, including the ones that were so complicated they would have been automatically transferred out before.”

R.D. Williams, CEO, Hendry Regional Medical Center


Transfers prevented annually

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“Your physicians are a pleasure to work with, and everyone appreciates how flexible and readily available the consults are. It's helped a lot both with our COVID patient population as well as our regular patients.”

Lorie Hermann, Former CNO, St Mary's Medical Center


Of ICU census over the last year cared for by our physicians

Improved performance

When clients partner with AmplifyMD, they see improved performance across a host of STAR quality metrics:

  • Mortality

  • Safety of care

  • Readmission

  • Patient experience

  • Effectiveness of care

  • Timeliness of care

  • Efficient use of medical imaging

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How we can make a difference for you

  • Image of a hospital building

    Hospitals and other medical facilities

    See how we can meet your specialty coverage needs to help you keep more patients in-house, increase patient throughput, prevent existing physician burnout, offer more services locally, and deliver better clinical and financial outcomes.

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    See how our platform can help you seamlessly care for patients across facilities, including those you could not otherwise reach, by reducing administrative and technical barriers, allowing you to focus on efficient, profitable patient care on a schedule you choose.

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    See how our tightly integrated service can help you improve specialty access for your members while lowering their overall cost of care, from inpatient stays through outpatient follow-ups.

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Our clients

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