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Extend your clinical capacity
with virtual specialty care

AmplifyMD solves specialist coverage challenges
AmplifyMD solves specialist coverage challenges

Sometimes the nearest hospital is too far away

AmplifyMD gives healthcare organizations and medical facilities of all kinds access to essential specialists, so onsite care teams can deliver better care when it matters most.

Specialists in 15+
essential fields
Seamless integration with EHRs, including maritime
Extremely reliable at sea and in remote locations
One platform for all virtual care needs
AmplifyMD tele-specialist support for Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships

Diverting a ship or airlifting a guest or crew member away for medical reasons brings clinical and financial consequences and impacts everyone onboard. AmplifyMD helps shipboard medical teams evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients, keeping them onboard whenever appropriate – saving time, money, and lives.

“With added support from AmplifyMD, our shipboard medical teams now have access to specialists whenever they are needed, which has reduced the need for diversions and medical evacuations across our fleet.”

-Cruise Line Vice President

Correctional Facilities

AmplifyMD can help correctional facilities improve inmate health by providing remote access to medical specialists while reducing prisoner transport and related security costs. Whether on-call or scheduled appointments are needed, this affordable option provides access to specialists, including infectious disease, psychiatry, and cardiology, for incarcerated populations.

AmplifyMD tele-specialist support for correctional facilities

AmplifyMD tele-specialist support for pharma


Medication nonadherence negatively impacts patient outcomes, increases healthcare costs, and negatively impacts the long-term outlook for many promising pharmaceuticals. AmplifyMD helps life science and pharmaceutical companies improve prescribing provider confidence and patient medication adherence and treatment compliance via on-demand virtual specialty consults to at-risk patient populations and their prescribing physicians.

With our added specialist support, patients and their prescribing providers confidently move forward with the best treatments for their condition, knowing any unusual symptoms and treatment questions will be appropriately addressed with their dedicated specialist.

AmplifyMD software for clinical trials

Clinical Trials

AmplifyMD provides a powerful solution for clinical research organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies looking to improve their clinical trial diversity, adherence, and cost-effectiveness. With best-in-class integrations, automated workflows, single sign-on, and data management tools, AmplifyMD provides a robust solution for virtual and decentralized trials while significantly reducing clinical site burden. With our streamlined user interface, we engage patients in their home community, building trust, reducing the cost of trial recruitment and participation, and making it easier for investigators to connect with participants and keep them engaged, wherever they are.

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