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Optimize your workforce with AmplifyMD’s enterprise-level technology

AmplifyMD solves specialist coverage challenges
AmplifyMD solves specialist coverage challenges

Why choose AmplifyMD?

Simplify your operations

  • One platform for all telehealth programs
  • Streamlined telehealth workflows
  • Integration between multiple EHRs
  • Continuity across the continuum of care

Gain powerful insights

  • Holistic view of telehealth utilization
  • Standardization across locations
  • Point-of-care metrics in real-time
  • Next-level insights at scale

Drive new efficiencies

  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Leverage fractional FTEs
  • Reduce dependence on locums
  • Create new catchment opportunities

Improve provider satisfaction

  • Single sign-on
  • One screen for multiple EHRs
  • Faster remote encounters
  • Caseload optimization

Deliver efficient hub and spoke services and extend your program’s clinical capacity to any setting

Solve today’s urgent telehealth challenges with a solution that anticipates tomorrow’s needs

Case Study:
A multi-state, multi-EHR health system partnered with AmplifyMD for enterprise-level telehealth, leveraging AmplifyMD’s remote network of providers and next-level virtual care platform to connect disparate EHRs, programs, and locations.

Today, remote specialists provide hundreds of consults across multiple specialties each month, including Cardiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Heme/Onc, and Nephrology, administered and managed with a single platform.


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