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Virtual Specialty Care Drives 14x ROI for Midwest Hospital

AmplifyMD Case Study 14x ROI


A 116-bed hospital in the Midwest faced a major challenge in recruiting and retaining specialists, specifically for infectious disease and hematology/oncology.

This impacted the medical team’s ability to provide effective care for higher-acuity patients, resulting in frequent transfers to tertiary centers miles away. The hospital urgently needed a solution to its specialist staffing challenges.


In 2021, the hospital partnered with AmplifyMD for seamlessly integrated virtual care to quickly and affordably solve its specialist coverage challenges. Download the case study to see the results.

Get Better Access and Better Outcomes.

With AmplifyMD’s revolutionary virtual care platform and our exceptional team of specialists at the ready, hospitals now have the power to deploy, manage, and scale high-quality virtual care across every care setting to improve clinical and financial outcomes – from hospital to clinic to home.

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