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Never let fear or doubt hold you back from pursuing success

My Dad is an accomplished first-generation immigrant. As a non-native English speaker born and raised in India, there were plenty of times he faced new and uncomfortable situations. But he never let fear and doubt hold him back from pursuing success. That’s shaped the person I am today.

One of the select IIT graduates in India, my Dad started his first technology company shortly after graduation. But he wanted a better life, and broader opportunities for his kids, so he soon made his way to America. Where did he land first? In Anchorage, Alaska – in the middle of winter! For someone coming from the intense heat of Delhi, the only jacket he had was not even remotely up to the task of keeping him warm.

But he didn’t let that stop him, and just figured he’d deal with it when he got there–which he did. (His friend took him straight from the airport to the store to get a parka he wouldn’t freeze to death in!)

Just like with that life-changing move, my Dad’s never been afraid to pursue what he thinks is best. He’s never let worries about what other people think, how they define success, all the ways things can go wrong, or about where the money will come from, stop him. He just says, “This is what I’d like to do, this is why I think it’s right, and this is how I’ll make it happen.” And then he goes and does it.

As he’s taught me, there will always be problems, no matter what you do in life. You will make mistakes. There’s no point worrying about them ahead of time–you just have to prepare as best you can, and then tackle each new issue as it comes, learning along the way. And never let fear hold you back from what you know you should have done, that’s the way regrets are born. There are always going to be people questioning you, people trying to stop you or hold you back from your full potential. In the end, you just have to listen to yourself.

That’s what my Dad does. And that lesson is one of the keys to my success today.

Thanks, Pops!

AmplifyMD Meena Mallipeddi CEO

Meena Mallipeddi

Meena Mallipeddi is CEO of AmplifyMD, a multi-specialty virtual care company committed to solving previously unmet access needs for patients, hospitals, clinics, and specialty medical practices.

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