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Partnering with Payors to provide clinically impactful care to their members.

Partnering with Payors to provide clinically impactful care to their members.

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Improve member access to needed services

Whether because of geography or a shortage of specific providers locally, not all members have access to the services they need. AmplifyMD facilitates both virtual inpatient care and local outpatient teleclinics, and even specialty care at home, so members don’t have to drive hours out of their way or go without these services. We help with both sensitive and chronic conditions from the comfort of each patient’s home, or their home facility, increasing member satisfaction, compliance, and retention.

Through our comprehensive list of specialties, AmplifyMD supports members via a variety of scenarios, including:

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    Specialty outpatient clinics

  • Addiction icon

    Substance abuse + addiction therapy

  • Pediatrics icon

    Pediatric subspecialty clinics

  • STD icon

    STD/HIV/Hepatitis clinics

  • Behavior health icon

    Behavioral health services

  • Chronic illness icon

    Chronic disease management

Reduce cost of care across the system

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By treating members in their home hospitals, you lower the cost of care and improve outcomes by:

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    Preventing costly transfers to more expensive tertiary care centers

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    Avoiding inefficient and duplicative tests, treatments and care delivery

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    Catching progressions in members earlier for better (and more cost-effective) results

Move from transactions to value-based care

Change the conversation to focus on outcomes.

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    Quality care

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    Wider access

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    Lower costs

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    Better results

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