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Introducing the First Fully-Integrated Telestroke Solution

  • Reduces program costs by 40%
  • Makes Telestroke providers 33% more efficient
  • Integrates bi-directionally with EHRs/PACs
  • Optimizes quality with real-time data
  • Standardizes workflows across all locations
  • SSO – every time

Reduces Points
of Friction

Groundbreaking technology streamlines the entire encounter for faster response times, from activation through billing.

Tele-Neurology Programs

Specialists Available for:
-24/7 Telestroke/Acute Neuro
-EEG Interpretations
-Outpatient Tele-Neuro Clinics

Platform Solution

Enables Hub & Spoke services and supports “team medicine” at scale across different hospitals, patient complexities, hardware, and EHRs.

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    Expert Clinical Leadership

    Program Medical Director, Dr. Nicholas Okon, is a telestroke innovator with over two decades of experience building high-performing telestroke programs and stroke neurology practices at scale.

    “AmplifyMD’s technology transforms the telestroke encounter by leveraging data and automation in real-time to improve response times and care delivery from end-to-end.”

    Reimagine Telestroke Care

    Neurologists are in short supply. Hospitals need a more efficient solution for delivering stroke and critical neurology services.

    Whether you are using a legacy Telestroke platform, looking to build a hub & spoke service, or simply struggling with neurology coverage gaps, AmplifyMD gives you a new model of efficiency, with access to point-of-care data and quality metrics in real time.

    Better Access. Better Outcomes.

    About AmplifyMD

    AmplifyMD helps hospitals and health systems solve today’s specialist coverage challenges, consolidate telehealth point solutions, and confidently meet the virtual care needs of tomorrow.

    Our revolutionary virtual care platform, backed by an extraordinary team of specialists in 15+ fields, gives hospitals, healthcare systems, and medical facilities the power to do more. Now you can deploy, manage, and scale virtual care across every service line and setting with a single solution.