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Eliminate gaps in coverage and expand access to essential care with AmplifyMD’s TeleCardiology services.

ED/Med Surge

Seamlessly integrate TeleCardiology consults and rounding into ED/Med Surge workflows


Fast turn-around times for EKG, Echo, Holter, and Stress tests, completed by our team of experts


Expand outpatient appointment capacity to improve access and prevent system leakage


Reduce hospital readmissions and improve chronic condition management

In many communities, the shortage of cardiologists presents a significant challenge for timely and effective care. AmplifyMD’s TeleCardiologists fill critical coverage gaps, giving hospitals expert support to assess, treat, and manage patients experiencing acute and chronic heart conditions.

With a full range of TeleCardiology services available, AmplifyMD helps health systems of all sizes streamline access to essential care when and where it is needed, reducing unnecessary transfers and patient leakage.

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    How can we help?

    Our board-certified cardiologists deliver a full suite of integrated virtual cardiology support

    • Inpatient rounding and cross-cover
    • Async reads (EKG, Echo, Holter, Stress)
    • Peer-to-Peer consults
    • Post-discharge appointments
    • Outpatient cardiology clinics
    • CHF/cardio-metabolic/chronic condition management

    Better Access,
    Better Outcomes

    Hospitals that partner with AmplifyMD for TeleCardiology services experience:

    • Better ED throughput
    • Fewer transfers
    • Improved response times
    • Faster diagnoses & treatment
    • Lower readmissions
    • Faster outpatient care
    • Reduced patient leakage
    • Improved patient satisfaction
    • Support for onsite care teams